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Pastor Harold Stephen - Port Shepstone, Kzn

“United in Christ” was a Divine Mandate given by the Lord to Ps. Anil to gather & unite churches for the end time harvest. He in obedience to the Divine mandate opened the first South Coast Ministers Fellowship of 110 Pastors at a breakfast on the 11th June 2010. While the country was uniting the world for the First Soccer World Cup Tournaments in the history of

this country Ps. Anil was uniting the churches for the First ever gathering of so many Pastors on the South Coast for a common cause.I am so please to report that since the establishment of “UNITED IN CHRIST” the following was achieved through Ps. Anil and Christ’s Kingdom Ministries support:

Miracle Crusade 2010- the largest gathering of people and Pastors -393 souls saved and many healed and delivered.

3 Bible Schools for Pastors in 3 rural communities.

34 Pastors have graduated with certificates in Christian Education.

4 Pastors and a Christian leader joined Ps. Anil with the team to Malawi in 2011 and 2012

3 Leadership conferences were held on the South Coast for Pastors and leaders

1 Men’s Prayer Conference

Several social up-liftment projects in the poverty stricken rural areas were undertaken.

South Coast Pastors Fellowship is committed to the mandate of “UNITED IN CHRIST” and continues to meet twice a month for prayer, fellowship and encouragement. We thank God for Christ’s Kingdom Ministries and Ps. Anil’s obedience to the voice of the Lord.

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Pastor Stephen Tambuli  (Malawi)

The United in Christ is yielding awesome fruits resulting from the messages in the conferences held previously in various locations.

1. In Zomba Pastors from different denominations gathered together for a mass day of prayer for the nation under the banner

of Jesus Christ. This is new as the leaders have been encouraged to join hands in Unity for Kingdom sake.
The pastors there are spreading the unity message to other parts of Zomba like wildfire.

2. In Blantyre recently, I witnessed  the coming together of leaders called by the pastors in our conference organising team. The main objective for this gathering of leaders

was to establish the unity amongst the leaders in the eastern Blantyre following the impact the leaders conferences has made.This was the beginning of a new chapter

of Blantyre leaders who have lived in division for a long time to start the following;

A) Assisting each other in difficult times by meeting the needs
B) Working together for kingdom cause by supporting what other ministries are doing
C) having the leaders fellowship to look into the welfare of the communities by doing various project to make a kingdom impact.

They are fighting hard the denomination barriers that have kept the church divided for many years. Due to the numerous uneducated leaders who are part of united in Christ.

they are thrilled that the bible school will be birthed out of this unity to equip these un schooled leaders to better promote their ministries.